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Episode 22.5 – Buzz Bop


Welcome back to another episode of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast!!

In this week’s episode we have another retromaniac from the Retro Asylum community – Buzz Bop aka Daniel!

Find out how Dan got into gaming. How he started collecting not just consoles but action figures. How and why he started his own amazing podcast “OddPod Show”. Why he loves Pokemon so much. And the desert island questions – the two games he could play forever and who would he get to be with him.

Plus find out why Dan used to go around with a cardboard box on his back as a kid and why he puts one on his head now.

Big thanks to Daniel ‘Buzz Bop’ for being a super guest on the show. Check out his podcast OddPod Show on iTunes.

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Download the episode:
Episode 22.5 – Buzz Bop

4 thoughts on “Episode 22.5 – Buzz Bop

  1. retrodarren says:

    the quavers game was called ‘pushover’

  2. scopie says:

    Nice one guys. I really loved my morning cartoons as a kid also. In fact that’s why I so happily let my wife have a sleep in on Saturday mornings and I get up with the kids and we all sit round munching our breakfast glued to the telly – She thinks I’m being a good husband but I guess I’m really just reliving a bit of nostalgia ha!
    Does sound like you had the C-64 Dan if you were loading from tape! I don’t remember my Amiga having a cartridge slot either.

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