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Episode 21.5 – Retro Darren

Episode 21.5 Retro Darren

Welcome back to another episode of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast ….the Retro Asylum Podcast

This week we are back with our second Retro Community Summer interviews with our retromaniacs, and this weeks retromaniac is Retro Darren (aka Foggy).

So in this episode we find out…

  • How he found our beloved retro site and podcast.
  • How he got into gaming.
  • His first console.
  • How he convinced his parents to buy this machine.
  • Plus loads more retro gaming memories from our retromaniac.

Big thanks to Darren for being a superb guest on the show.

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Click here to download episode 21.5: Retro Darren

10 thoughts on “Episode 21.5 – Retro Darren

  1. TEOL says:

    Not the best cover this week because of all the text graphics are over the logo when it would have been better to compromise this week and have the supporting text graphics on the white bits but good podcast.

  2. Andy says:

    This cover was made by me in about 5mins.
    I quickly rushed making.

    Normally Swainy makes the covers, but if he can’t I tend to do them.

    This cover I made while cooking pie and mash in the kitchen the other day lol

    But yeah I thought Darren was a great guest and I’m looking forward to having more of the retromaniacs on the show soon

  3. scopie says:

    Great Podcast Darren, excellent job. great selection of games. I’ll have to check out a couple mentioned. The Amiga was a big jump from a C-64 to be sure, so much sharper and colourful. Loved the intro of Testdrive 2 with the woman’s sampled voice and the car taking off.

  4. TEOL says:

    Wasn’t that Outrun though Scopie?

  5. retrodarren says:

    think scopie is right ” accolade presents — Vrooom !!! (sexy voice) the duel – test drive 2 “

  6. ZXSpecstar says:

    Sweet I am glad that someoen else mentioned spectrum text adventures and also to mention urban upstart then thats a bonus in itself as i spent too long trying to work that game out…far too long and never finished it lol

  7. retrodarren says:

    there you go zxspecstar – you could do a text adventure special

  8. glenn says:

    good show guys i love it its interesting on how Retro Darren got into gaming i also had c64 classic

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