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Episode 19.5 – Rob Hubbard vs Ben Daglish!


Welcome back to the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast… the Retro Asylum Podcast!

In today’s show, we take a look at two of the best musicians in gaming history – Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish.

Both guys were famous on the C64 music scene as they made the C64 SID chip sound even better than it did already.

Andy compares five of his favourite tracks composed by these two legends and we then find out who the Retro Asylum community choose as their favourite musician.

So sit back and enjoy these magnificent 8-bit SID chip tunes.

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Download the episode:
Episode 19.5 – Rob Hubbard vs Ben Daglish!

8 thoughts on “Episode 19.5 – Rob Hubbard vs Ben Daglish!

  1. TEOL says:

    Wasn’t Daglish & Crawler together known as We Music The Return the artists behind Captain Planet for the AMIGA which was worth playing for the music alone?

    • pottyboy says:

      From what I know, We Music The Return was Ben Dalglish and Anthony Crowther. Crowther also programmed the Captain Planet game on the Amiga.

      Sadly, that game was just as bad as the cartoon series its based on. The music is the only good thing about it.

  2. pottyboy says:

    Another good podcast Andy. Some really great tunes in there.

    Other Rob Hubbard tracks worth mentioning are Formula 1 Simulator and Arcade Classics. Both are superb tunes! The only game we had where Ben Dalglish did the music was Deflektor which was a good bit of music, but my personal fave has to be The Last Ninja. 🙂

  3. scopie says:

    Great selection of tunes there Andy. I guess if you look at the range of songs overall then Rob Hubbard would be the clear winner but I nearly voted Bed Daglish just for the Last Ninja alone – stage one is such an amazing tune.
    And yeah, the Skate or Die intro tune was brill – and uses real guitar samples apparently!

  4. scopie says:

    I hated the 720 music simply because it captured that urgency that your time was ticking down before those dam swarm of bees would attack you. Gggrr hated those bees!
    Commando was great, did you know Hubbard knocked this out in one night at the Elite offices. When the staff came back in the morning he had the tune blasting away on several C64s all at the same time!
    Loved the hi score tune on Commando also, a mate of mine remixed this on his Amiga using sound tracker it was spot on!

  5. scopie says:

    It still amazes me today how many C-64 games were so awful yet the sound tracks were so bloody fantastic!

  6. ZXSpecstar says:

    God got to love all this music and even though I am a die hard spectrum fan i will always be envious of that SID chip in the commodore

  7. malc1976 says:

    Some real clasics there great show mate
    I like Rob Hubbard’s music more myself Commando being one of his best,but that not to say Ben Daglish was bad he was really talented and i forgot about 720 another good game by US Gold.
    Death Wish 3 is a great game and in my opinion the best of the Death Wish movies.
    Theres just two tunes you missed that i really liked Rob Hubbard’s music from The Last V8 great music not so good game and Ben Daglish’s music from the classic game Switch Blade.

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