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Episode 18.5 – Confessions of a Retro Gamer


In today’s episode, Andy spills the retro beans on how he became a gamer.

He talks about his first experience in gaming and the first time he saw and saw and played a arcade machine.

Games discussed include Mario Bros, Pong, Space Invaders, Popeye,  Dizzy, Chuckie Egg and more.

Consoles and machines discussed include arcade, Atari JNR, ZX Spectrum and more.

Hope you all enjoys trip down retro gaming memory land.

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Download the episode:
Episode 18.5 – Confessions of a Retro Gamer

11 thoughts on “Episode 18.5 – Confessions of a Retro Gamer

  1. Adam says:

    You certainly have more experience with retro gaming than me, Andy.

    I often felt I was born too late, I barely had any experience with arcade machines and the closet I got to owning anything retro which I said before are a few Spectrums, a C64 and a Mega Drive.

    I have been using emulators of systems I never owned like the Amiga, Master System, NES and SNES, but every now and then I seem to have difficulty trying to get addicted to them.

    • Andy says:

      Machines I nearly got was the mega cd(I borrowed one) jaguar, and the 3DO.

      What always wanted was a Neo geo, some kid at my school had one and he would fun of us Megadrive n snes owners

  2. Andy says:

    Well the Speccy , c64 and Amstrad are some of the best machines ever with loads of classic games so I think you done well.

    Emulation is superb, I know some people say its not the same but I think it’s superb, doesn’t work on all games to get the experience
    Example mame games such outrun,afterburner and a few other machines that had movement or sit down stealing wheel ect

    But yeah most times it’s a grea way to play and discover new games

  3. Dean Swain says:

    A very cool and interesting look back mate, your gaming history is very close to mine but as you know I went down the Amiga path after the Speccy and I didn’t really touch a console (apart from handhelds) until the PlayStation was released.

    • Andy says:

      I’m not entirely sure why I never went down the Amiga route, maybe it was because the master system had at the time Sega ports of their arcade machines and that in turn made get a master system.

      I know I got the Megadrive for the same reason and it also looked more arcade like graphically and the snes I got mainly for Mario world and all the hype that was mode 7, after that I don’t think I even considered an Amiga or st.

      I think the only time I wanted an Amiga or st was when I had my Speccy when I was younger but I guess my parent thought the Amiga was too pricey?

      Glad you liked the show mate, would like to hear from you on a half show to mate

  4. Dean Swain says:

    Yeah the Amiga was expensive, I didn’t get one until I started full time work in 92. I treat myself with my first pay packet 🙂

  5. pottyboy says:

    That’s some retro gaming past you’ve got there matey! You certainly were spoiled! 🙂

    I was fortunate to have a dad who was nuts about computers. At the time i was born, he had (and still has them to this day) a Commodore 128 and a VIC-20. Unfortunately I can’t remember the first game I played, but it probably would have been on the 128 as we had some educational games for that, so it was quite likely I started playing those first before moving on to ‘proper’ games like Manic Miner, Out Run, Bomb Jack etc.

    The Sega Mega Drive was the console that got me into console gaming, and was also the first time I knew of imports (My cousins had a japanese model 1 🙂 ). It also introduced me to my childhood hero… a particular speedy blue hedgehog. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed a Mega Drive as we had an Amiga at the time. The only ways I could enjoy any adventures with Sonic were reading Sonic The Comic and watching the cartoon series on TV. It wasn’t until christmas 1994 when I got a Game Gear that I was finally able to play Sonic at home.

    Once again, an excellent half podcast! 😀

  6. TEOL says:

    Andy the one with the dial could be at least 3 things.

    Binotone Pong Machine

  7. Sorry I was late getting to this one – I really enjoyed this half-pod. Very interesting to hear about your early life and what made you the gamer and the person you are today.

    I had exactly the same Specctrum +2 pack as you did (I’m about 1 year older than you). I remember on Christmas day my parents became enthralled with Oh Mummy and for a while I didn’t get a look in.

  8. scopie says:

    Hi Andy, nice one mate. I think I know the pong machine your talking about or at least something very similar. My mate had one that we would play around ’84-85, it would take carts for Pong & space invaders but would have like 100 variations that could cycle through. The machine over here in NZ was white and was called something like ‘Force II”?? It had the long analogue stick with a Phone key type layout with various overlays I think. Was loads of fun at the time and never seem another one since. There were so many similar pong systems out in the late 70’s early 80’s. Retro gamers recently done a feature on these, I should probably check it out. Someone should do a podcast and cover some of the old Grandstand electronic game systems, that would be awesome.

  9. glenn says:

    I enjoyed the podcast Andy it interesting on how you became the retro fan we know today there part of me that wish i experience the arcades of the 1980s like you did it must be experience When we were kids games was something new existing loved the podcast mate keep up good work

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