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Episode 14.5 – Team 17


The Retro Asylum Podcast is back with another mini episode of retro gaming goodness!

This time round your host is Matt (Denaris), who tells you his memories of Team 17 and retro gaming.

So if you ever wanted to know everything there is know about Team 17 then this is the show for you.

Games covered in this episode include Miami Chase, Body Blows, Tower Assault, Worms, Superfrog, Alien, Full Contact and many more.

So sit back, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy this amazing show about Team 17.

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Download the episode:
Episode 14.5 – Team 17

13 thoughts on “Episode 14.5 – Team 17

  1. Andy says:

    Superb show from Matt:)

    Really enjoyed it and learned a lot about Team 17 and the Amiga.

    Thanks for helping out with the show and glad to have you as the 4th official co host of the Retro Asylum Podcast

  2. scopie says:

    Very good little podcast and I do tend to agree about the blandness. Once the polish and arcade feel fades the actual games were not always the best. Still, Alien breed1 will always have special place in my heart, ATR was indeed good and Super Stardust still rocks to this day!

  3. Dean Swain says:

    I totally agree with Matt, I think you got it spot on mate. That was a great listen!

  4. pottyboy says:

    This was a great little mini episode to listen too! I agree that not all of Team 17’s games were brilliant as there were some not so great games (Body Blows in particular, though I did enjoy its sequel, Body Blows Galactic). The only game on which I disagree with Matt’s opinion is Alien Breed 3D. OK, so it doesn’t feel like an Alien Breed game, but as a first person shooter I think it’s a great game, with scary atmosphere and great level design. In the end, however, that’s your opinion.

    Really glad Matt gave Superfrog another chance and liked it. It’s a great game that deserves to be played by any platform gaming fan.

    One thing I should point out is that there is an AGA version of Alien Breed Tower Assault. The game detects which machine you are using, and will request the appropriate disk.

  5. TEOL says:

    So Matt is now the new additional host of the RA podcast?

  6. TEOL says:

    Team 17 is good but I prefer Psygnosis as they were great. I like the Psygnosis greens and browns as soon as you see them you can tell it’s a Psygnosis they make the greens and browns look like art instead of like poo.

  7. den.aris says:

    Glad you all enjoyed it, although I was expecting to be a bit controvertial but it seems it was the common view.

    TEOL I’m happy to be a part of the podcast now, Andy has written it above for all to see so I’ll be holding him to that, it’s a binding contract, I’m around like a bad smell now. 😉

    Really enjoyed waffling on. Could have filled an hour easily. Maybe I’ll do Psygnosis…

  8. TEOL says:

    So you are basically now the host of the 1/2 podcasts whilst Andy hosts the main fortnightly ones?

    Yeah, a Psygnosis one wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    I was enjoying your waffle about Team 17 would have liked it to be a full hour of waffle covering the pre Team 17 PD games more in depth in this episode as well but it’s done as a half hour one now.

    • Andy says:

      Matt is one of the co host. Hopefully sometime soon I will get to record with him.
      The Half show will be vary sometimes it will be 1 of us, other times it will be 2 of co hosts.

      The half podcasts are designed to keep our listener happy with retro goodness until the main show.

      Fort nightly is not enough retro wise. So weekly if better and by doing a half show one week we don’t burn out.

      And now we got four hosts so we can alternate more and provide a weekly show 🙂

  9. TEOL says:

    As soon as you play a game with a lots of poo related colours which looks like fine art, has character and plays really good as well you can tell that game is a Psygnosis made platformer game from the get go.

  10. den.aris says:

    Not a bad shout about PD games, that’s a whole treasure trove of retro gaming that usually remains untouched by most.

    Might do a podcast in the future charting the history of the PD world.

  11. ZXSpecstar says:

    Great show Mat love your honesty and you brought to the table a lot of honesty which is great in my opinion, enjoyed every moment

    Now whos up for some worms


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