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Episode 3 – Replay Expo Special Report 2011

Episode 3 Cover

Welcome back to another fun-filled, retro gaming-packed episode of the UK’s No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast!

In today’s episode your hosts are Andy and Swainy. The lads tell you all about their weekend at Replay Expo 2011 including:

  • Their journey to Blackpool where the event was held.
  • What machines they played and spotted such, as The Specadore 64,PC 64 and Rtype on a projector screen.
  • What they bought – Andy bought a certain new retro-style mag, well actually three of them… can you guess which one?
  • Swainy nearly didn’t pay for a certain game.
  • Andy bought some Speccy games.
  • Who they ended up speaking to – Retro Gamer Daz, Keith aka Lorfarius and loads of programmers from the good old days.
  • Not to mention the ‘magnificant’ Hotel Alcatraz!

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Download the episode:
Episode 3 – Replay Expo Special Report 2011

26 thoughts on “Episode 3 – Replay Expo Special Report 2011

  1. TEOL says:

    ianwilson I’m sure is a great person. He never did unblock me from YouTube though.

    Still ianwilson, top guy, so don’t make the same mistake as I did and think before you talk even if you do have some beef with one of his subs at the time. 😀

    • Andy says:

      Ian is a really nice guy and im really glad to have met him at the replay weekend.

      Maybe gonna have him on the podcast 1 day.

      I never put any negative comments on anyone’s channel as I always respect the uploader.

      • TEOL says:

        Yeah, hope he does make it to the podcast. Maybe next episode unless it’s recorded already?

        • Andy says:

          no not recorded episode 4 yet, im recording a few this week,
          we are gonna have our first girl guest on the podcast in the next few weeks.

          she should make for a interesting guest as she has own blog and into retro gaming, more on this another time.

          and as for ian hopefully in the new year, we will get him on the podcast talking about megadrive stuff:)

  2. TEOL says:

    That Alcatraz sounds like a really bad hotel. Hope it wasn’t 5 star as I would expect better from a 5 star.

  3. TEOL says:

    Finished listening, great episode I had the feeling that I was actually in the replay listening to your banter about it.

    • Andy says:

      Yeah glad the new style podcast worked as we were going for that sort of style.

      That’s why we started at the beginning of the journey to Blackpool to the the end.

      Glad we achieved the flow, like you were there style of story telling:)

  4. AspergerGamer64 says:

    great podcast guy’s what was that first video game music from is really cool

  5. Dean Swain says:

    That was Cybernoid on the 128k Speccy, which was my choice 🙂

  6. Glenn says:

    good show guys top class Its good to see you two at the show and its good to hear some of the stories on what happens before i turn up on Sunday

  7. malc1976 says:

    Great show again gutted that i didnt go to Replay but i looks like it was great fun.
    I used to have a Atari Lynx but ive never seen Pacland on it but i bet it is close to the arcade the Atari Lynx had some great games that the Gamboy just could not handle STUN Runner is better than evern the Amiga version.

  8. ZXSpecstar says:

    Man i am so tissed off i missed this event as i would have been running around like a kid in a candy shop and im not kidding … and after hearing that the man responsible for some of the best computer game box art EVER was there man i would have brought a printout for him to sign…Book me in for next year

  9. pottyboy says:

    Another cool podcast! I would’ve absolutely have loved to have gone, but the distance and work commitments meant that I couldn’t. Would be very interesting to see Pac-Land on the Lynx as I’ve played several other versions and it’s quite a good game. And oh how I would give anything to play R-Type on a big screen!

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