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Episode 9 – Top 10 Arcades


Retro Asylum is back and better than ever. In this weeks show your hosts are Swainy and Andy.

The lads tell you a little of what they’ve been up to – Swainy’s been working on Double Dragon on the Spectrum and Andy’s been working on getting guests on the podcast.

There’s also the latest site news and topic of the month is the Top 10 Arcades.

The Retro Asylum team tell you their fave retro arcade games and also read out the community choices too.

All this plus loads more.

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Download the episode:
Episode 9 – Top 10 Arcades

22 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Top 10 Arcades

  1. retroshaman says:

    Another great show guys!

    Loads of fun to listen to you name your 10 best arcade games. It must have taken forever to choose just 10!

    I was surprised not to hear final fight wasn’t in there though. Easily one of my most memorable and enjoyable coin op games.

    Heres a couple I’d have to throw in –

    Gauntlet – A great game when you were playing with all four characters. I’d spend hours (as well as all my pocket money) going through that game.

    WWF Wrestlefest – This game would probably be my top spot. A great game. Sheer fun and even chance to mock when you managed to pull of those finishing moves! You got tag mode and of course good old royal rumble! All the classic wrestlers and top notch graphics. Good times!

    Thanks again for a great show!

    • Andy says:

      Glad you liked the show:)

      Yeah my top 10 has probally changed since we recorded the podcast as there were games that I wished I would/could have put I there.

      For episode 20 we are going to the top 100 retro games(I’ve got the 20 shows already planned lol)Butnf you have any ideas or topics you would like us discuss please let us know and we add that to the show.

      Gauntlet was a classic game, loads of fun if you could play
      Multiplayer nicking potions stealing treasure.

      Royal rumble was awesome, I loved it, I might make that my next game on my beat a game a week challenge:)
      This game needs to come out on Xbox 🙂

  2. scopie says:

    Great selection guys. Heres a few I think are also worth of a top 10. – Rainbows Islands, S.A.R Search & rescue, Elevator Action, Time Pilot, Metal Slug, Final Fight, Sunset Riders, Star Wars, Cadalac & Dinosaurs and WWF Wrestlefest.

    • Andy says:

      It was a tough choice trying to narrow it down to a top 10.
      Some great choices you have picked there too.

      I love final fight but it got edged out mainly for the reason that I was a huge alien fan(the movies) and tmnt was 4 players and Doyble dragon was the 1st of a kind for me in that genre.

      Episode 20 will be feature the top 100 retro games as voted by the retro asylum community:)

      But before that we have loads of classic shows planned/lined up a few retro legends on the show and a few guests and loads more retro gaming fun:)

      Thanks for listening:)

  3. TEOL says:

    I’ve been playing quite a lot of AMIGA Arcade conversions lately in 60hz NTSC speed. There have been a lot of good ones and a lot of stinkers. All 3 Double Dragon’s are awful on there.

    • Andy says:

      I might have to start to playing some Amiga games

      Back in the day I was jealous of the Amiga owners as their conversion looked amazing compared to the 8bits

      I’ve got a feeling we might do a amiga episode sometime soon.

      Also we got the amazing TEARS series that pottyboy does:)

      • TEOL says:

        Playing some AMIGA is a must since you loved your C64 almost as much as your Speccy judging from all the 8-Bit wars videos ever so far.

        Getting the Kickstarts is really easy now as they are leaked a bucket load so I think you’ll enjoy giving it a go.

    • malc1976 says:

      Double Dragon 2 was good on the Amiga better than the Megadrive the first one was good on the Megadrive

      • TEOL says:

        The version I played in WinUAE was rubbish. The main problem with it was it was hard to punch and your character whenever you try to punch spams with flying kicks instead unless it was 3 I’m thinking of.

  4. TEOL says:

    Swainy got Pac Land in his Swimming Pool refreshments and games section. I however got this bad ass rare arcade cab of Streets of Rage 1 in mine.

  5. Andy says:

    We also had 1943 and gang wars in ours:)

    • TEOL says:

      AMIGA version of 1943 is awful. Doesn’t help you out much when you have turbo fire on.

    • TEOL says:

      Talking about Arcade’s and especially Arcade’s on the AMIGA. I’ve had a little fiddle in the latest WinUAE seeing if the AVI video recording is better so I don’t need to use CamStudio on AMIGA and recorded myself a play around in US Gold’s Strider port.

  6. malc1976 says:

    Great show again guys ive just seen the trailer for Barbarian had no idear they were remakeing it and my god it bloody awful just as poor as the Double Dragon 2 remake why do they do remakes that look so bad?
    I may be wrong but i think the first version of Barbarian was on the C64.
    They are so many arcade games i like its really hard to pick just ten and i bet if i was asked again it would be diffrent.
    Dont know why i didnt say Outrun or other Sega games,but Pacland is great i played a demo on my mates Spectrum that was better than the one in your 8bit wars so i think Dean is right with what he said.
    As for the Simpsons arcade game on xbox live i will get it if you do Andy i like TMNT better myself but in Southend theres a arcade that still has The Simpsons it did last year when i went there.

    • Andy says:

      Yeah I’m not liking the look of the new barbarian, hopefully te gameplay will be good…fingers crossed

      As friday DD 2 i will probally get it regardless lol

      Yeah it’s hard to think of a top 10 arcades since there’s so many great arcades.

      I’m gonna get te Simpsons arcade in a few week when I get a bit of cash:)

      Looking forward to having you on our show mate:)

  7. Glenn says:

    good show guys i loved it. it was interesting to hear all our top 10s and because I born almost 10 years after Swainy and Andy how our experience of the arcade game was so diffrent lol

    the reason why Pac land was in my top 10 because i played this game allot at my old holiday camp site and when you almost spent up on ridge racer and Daytona usa they were both 50p or a £1 pac land was 10p a go so it good way to spend what money I had left lol

    and who shot johnny rock is American lazier game that came out in 1991 it was like movie type of game you shot baddies and collect clues to find out out who shot him here you tube vid

    • retroshaman says:


      “the reason why Pac land was in my top 10 because i played this game allot at my old holiday camp site and when you almost spent up on ridge racer and Daytona usa they were both 50p or a £1 pac land was 10p a go so it good way to spend what money I had left lol”

      I was the same with paperboy at my local video shop. When my money ran out to play Street Fighter 2 I’d jump on the Paperboy cab with the handlebars and spend my last 10p’s. Ended up quite good on it.

      Johnny Rock reminds me of quick draw Mcgraw on the Sega cd. I know it gets slated nut when I was a kid I used to enjoy that game lol

    • malc1976 says:

      When me and Glenn done the 1hmps podcast we did a top ten arcade games and i remeber him saying who shot johnny rock ive still never played it but i said Dragons Lair i think that was the first lazerdisc game and was on the arcade and amazing at the time

    • Andy says:

      Im gonna have to Check out who shot johnny rock, since I like my shooter
      Is it similar to lethal enforcers?

      But yeah the top 10 was a nice varity because of all our age differences
      Looking forward to recording episode 10:)

  8. jackolantern says:

    Great podcast, enjoyed the top 10s

    Some of my favourites include:

    WWF Wrestlefest – others have mentioned this and I always played this when I could.

    The Simpsons Arcade Game – mainly because this was one of the first games I finished in the arcade playing with friends, I spent a total of £2 (it was 10p per credit) and about 2/3rds was on Mr Burns.

    Asterix – Another scrolling fighting game. It looked exactly like the cartoon and had some funny moments which was the main appeal.

    Sunset Riders – The first time I saw a character step on a fork that hit his face I was sold. It didn’t take much when I was young.

    TMNT / Turtles In Time – Again, cartoon side scrolling fighter – always preferred Turtles In Time because I loved the first level.

    Phoenix – When playing this I thought it was just another Space shooter clone, then stage 3 the birds appeared and stage 5 was a giant ship. Loved it ever since.

  9. Andy says:

    Loved the Simpsons arcade, great follow up to the tmnt games.
    Can’t wait to get the Xbox version, I’m just broke so I can’t get it nooooooo:(

    Loved the astrix game, visually amazing with gameplay to match

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