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Retro Asylum – news and updates

Hi there Retromaniacs

Just wanted to welcome you all to the Retro Asylum:)

The new site was originally scheduled to be up for early November but as I started to make progress on the site and I thought it was pretty much good to go, at the moment I think the site is still about 75% complete.

The things I will be adding to the site that need to be completed

* Add a Forum, the new forum will be better and and easier to use

* Achievements/trophies similar to the xbox and PS3

* Events, where everyone post a event that is upcoming, like Replay Expo, or another meet up ect.

So what can you do with new site?

* Every Retromaniac of the Retro Asylum has their own profile page, on this profile page you can!

* Change your Avatar.
* Update your about your details.
* Upload photos, which you can highlight your gaming collection or just upload your random photos.
* Activity, here you can do your own blog posts, if you want to do a review or have site news then we will add it to the front page.
You can also just use your activity just to tell us what is on your mind and what you been up to.
* See what your friends are up to or add a new friend.
* You can also send invites to groups or even to friends who have not yet joined the site.

Front page of the site

* Here you will find all the latest news and articles and reviews,

The Plan

Slowly but surely I want to build a great community for like minded people where everyone can visit and feel at home.

Any questions or suggestions please feel free to ask


Andy (Site Admin)

4 thoughts on “Retro Asylum – news and updates

  1. Daniel Richard Cordell says:

    We can’t do blog posts at the moment only make our groups up currently.

    Thats on the to sort out when you get the time things I think along with putting these main posts on horizontal grouping like 1HMPS as the posts are a bit messy in this view although grouping is not a priority until the things in line and blog publication options are done.

  2. Andy says:

    At the moment everyone can use activity, but it doesn’t add itself to the front page, if a review is good then we will pop it on the front page.

    At the moment we have 3 admins me,Swainy and Glenn and malc and Tony are contributors. Hoping to add pottyboy and a few other as contributors too.

    Contributors can add post that I approve that will be front page stuff.

    But I do want the activity tab to be used for sharing what’s on your mind or what you been up to.
    (for example I’m gonna post later on my activity status about me finding my old Speccy at my mums)

    Hopefully by November all should be ready

    Live streams from replay expo;)
    + loads more cool stuff

  3. Daniel Richard Cordell says:

    Excellent. Is it just me or can nobody else post their stuff in my groups which makes them a bit pointless currently?

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