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UK Podcaster Awards 2015 – We’re Finalists!

After asking you all to support our nomination for the UK Podcaster Awards we’re extremely thrilled to announce that Retro Asylum has made the finalists in the ‘Best Video Games Podcast’ award category.

The UK Podcaster Awards recognise excellent and emerging podcasters located in the UK and the fact that we’ve gained your endorsement to represent retro gaming culture is a huge honour for us. Another aim of the awards is to raise awareness of the top quality podcasts being created across many different subjects. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to look through the other categories and find some new shows to add to your regular listening rotation.


Please give us your vote for ‘Best Video Game Podcast’ here:

Finalist Voting Period Closes: 31st August 2015 at 23:59 (BST)

This is how the award winner will be decided

The final decision will be based 50% on the public vote and 50% on the judgement of an independent jury.

What will the jury look for to determine winners?

• Audio quality
• Branding
• Content
• Professionalism
• Description of the podcast
• Podcast website
• How easy it is to listen and subscribe
• Artwork
• Social media activity

So be under no illusion, you hold our fate in your hands and have a huge part to play in helping us put some silverware on the Retro Asylum mantelpiece.

Ever since we started the podcast back in 2011 we’ve always aimed to not only inform but also to entertain. We wanted the shows to come over like you were overhearing friends down the pub chatting about a topic that you love as much as us. We think we do a good job and take great pride in our work to deliver quality shows that people look forward to listening to as part of their weekly routine.

We’re huge fans of podcasts ourselves and we relish that connection between us and the community that this exciting medium can create. So, now you’ve got us this far please take just a moment to tell the UK how much you love the show.

So remember…



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