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Retro Asylum Forum is up!

Hey there guys and gals just wanted to all let you know that the Retro Asylum Forum is up and running(well hopefully it works)

To sign up to the new forum/site just click the banner below and sign to the new forum by using your old user name and password and then this will reactivate your site log in.

The site and forum have the same log in, any problem with the forum please let me know and I will try and sort it out asap.

5 thoughts on “Retro Asylum Forum is up!

  1. TEOL says:

    Looks great. Could do with those Groups I made being put on it so everyone can post rather than just me as they look like proper forums for the forum anyway rather than group names for the Groups anyway or is that just me thinking that?

    What happened to our messages coming up straight away so we can edit our posts instead of spamming multiple broken into parts because we forgot to say something messages on the forum. 😀

    Doesn’t matter for here in the blogs at all but I generally prefer forums to not have multiple posts in a row by the same person which ended up being me on Thundercats as I submitted a original post based on thoughts about what I thought it would be followed by a post about the looks of it. I would have liked to put it all in the one by having the post show straight away and using the edit button. 😀

  2. Andy says:

    You just have to be patient Daniel, the forum is up but I need to sort out the permission fir it so that way people can post without me having to approve everything.

    I have only about 30mins a day to work on the site/forum(until I have to real life stuff) so please be patient and hopefully it will all be sorted soon.

  3. TEOL says:

    Yeah, keep forgetting that. 😛

    I may appear inpatient sometimes even when I’m not really feeling impatient at all. Oh well.

    • Andy says:

      Yeah no worries mate, the site will slowly get there eventually.

      I’ve also got 2 podcasts recorded, just need the cash to host them(moneys a but tight since I bought a house)
      So hopefully beginning of November podcasts should be up:)

  4. TEOL says:

    It’s awesome that the forum is up this early.

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