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Episode 31 – Two Unappreciated Systems


The UK’s Number 1 Retro Gaming Podcast is back! The hosts for this episode are Matt & Damien who take a detailed look back at two of the most unappreciated retro systems ever released, namely the Acorn Archimedes and NEC’s PC Engine.

The guys also tell us what they have been playing and what else they have been up to recently and Damien reveals that is soon to recieve a much needed facelift.

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Download the episode:
Episode 31 – Two Unappreciated Systems

10 thoughts on “Episode 31 – Two Unappreciated Systems

  1. stoysville says:

    Thanks for the show – loved it! Both machines were unique, I remember being envious of Archimedes owners at the time (I had an Amiga 500). Looking back, I’d choose the Amiga every time though for it’s games and creative software – especially the Dpaint series.

    My mate at college had a PC Engine which was jaw dropping at the time. I remember seeing a preview in C&VG of Victory Run and Drunken Master and was blown away!

    Great Podcast and good memories.


  2. Damien says:

    Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed the show, we really enjoyed making it and researching the two systems. I think you’re absolutely right about the Amiga vs the Archimedes though I was quite jealous that the Archie could do 256 colours while the Amiga 500 I had at the time cold nay really d 32 without too much slowdown!

    There were far more games for the Amiga since it really was a gaming Machine whereas the Archie’s primary role was in the classroom.

    The PC engine was a fabulous console and I do remember hearing great things about it back in the day. Unfortunately the only real way of getting one back then was an import from Japan or the states which was a daunting and expensive prospect back in the 80s.

  3. glenn says:

    Good show guys I got Commodore 64 SD card reader aswell All the games are tried worked so im very happy with it. I remember those Acorn Archimedes computer from school What I remember We had an easy day at school And the technology teacher Got some game disks for Archimedes I remember playing Chuck Rock 3-D version of Pac man An amazing looking 3-D game For the time I think the biggest problem with them was with the kids It was very school Teachers education no!!!!!! Shame it associated with that Because beneath the keyboard it was a very powerful computer And you’re Correct it featured the RISC processor That was very head of its time I don’t really remember the PC engine I was aware there around but I’m just never got into them Great podcast guys keep up the good work And hope to speak to you two soon

  4. uniforix says:

    Brilliant show guys. I also looked from afar in admiration of the Archimedes as my first main computer was an Acorn Electron and I programmed on this was I was 10, mostly basic but I did dabble in Assembly language for a time, that was the beauty of those computers, built in BASIC and Assembler with no extras required if you wanted to just dive in.

    Great show, loved it and only just discovered you having started looking up podcasts on my new Nexus 7, will be eagerly awaiting more releases!

    • Damien says:

      Glad you enjoyed the show and great news that you’ve found us!

      I think the relative simplicity and standardisation of hardware on those earlier systems is one of the more compelling things about them. Modern PCs are just too complex and varied to make assembly language programming a viable proposition. The wonderful thing is that if you’re curious about assembly it’s still perfectly possible to boot up one of these old system and give it a go!

  5. trantor says:

    Great show! Really loved the technical breakdown of the Archimedes, since it’s a system I had only heard about a bit in passing. If you want to do more breakdowns of hardware (especially obscurer systems), please feel free!

  6. den.aris says:

    Thanks all! Damien’s right, we can get all techy on y’all asses! 😉 We (well Damien!) can start to desolder some of those resistors to bring you the true scoop of the inner workings.

    Good to see a new listener as well.

    • trantor says:

      If I can suggest, a primer on how things like the Blitter on the Amiga actually worked, I’d love to hear it.

      • Damien says:

        That’s interesting I’ve been thinking about doing something on the Amiga, C64 graphical hardware in general or rather hardware scrolling, blitter and sprites -how they differed to machines like the Speccy and CPC what made them faster and why the presence of these features made games easier to develop.

        Matt and I will get out heads together and with any luck this will make it into a future show…

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