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Retro Asylum co-host latest music release

Sanctuary EP

One of our co-hosts Matt has another hobby and interest that keeps him busy, music production. Over the years he has had a number of releases on various record labels and this – Sanctuary EP – is his latest. He also did the artwork.

While mainly a drum & bass EP, a downtempo electronica track Pure harks back to his days in the Amiga demoscene with the melodies and brooding synth lines.

This is a collection of older tunes, dating back to 2005 up to the present day with a 2013 remix. It also features his fiance on vocals, along with good friend and long time production partner Madcap.

We asked Matt what keeps him going back to music production when retro gaming should be his sole focus 😉

“I started making music in 1992 on my Amiga A500 and over the years I’ve struggled to consistently make music regularly therefore I use other interests such as retro gaming to keep my ideas fresh with music and keep me interested in making it. Without other avenues to channel my energies I would have given up many of my hobbies years ago. Music production and retro gaming are the two that stick with me whatever the weather and they compliment each other well, staving off boredom and the frustration they often bring. I just flip to the other when I’m getting bored or annoyed!

One thing I can say I’m hugely proud of, my next commercial release is an Amiga tune from 1994! I never thought I’d see the day. Also forthcoming on Omni Music.”

You can pick it up here or search any of the big MP3 music stores such as iTunes and Amazon.

4 thoughts on “Retro Asylum co-host latest music release

  1. darren says:

    Awesome Matt! Downloading now

  2. Foggy says:

    blimey matt – you make music ?? I had no idea ! you never mention it !!


    Seriously tho – very impressed. good luck with it all.

  3. mrsid says:

    Really good mate. Ive had a good listen.

    Im a big fan of Roni Size, kinda reminds me of that.

    Keep it up!

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