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Relive your gaming childhood as a retro sprite

A small indie developer has teamed up with former LucasArts talent to launch an exciting new Kickstarter campaign.

Retro World is an action/adventure/rpg that lets you relive your gaming childhood as a retro sprite. You play, collect, sell and trade games and systems through four console generations while trying to figure out why games are coming to life.


  • A stylized look that’s heavily inspired by the Earthbound/Mother series using 2D pixel art in a full 3D open world
  • 1-4 players (co-op or competitive) based on the console or arcade game being played
  • Attend midnight game launches, tournaments, read in game magazines for tips, tricks and reviews.
  • Experience 30 years of gaming evolution through dozens of titles from the early pong days to the modern games of today.

If the Kickstarter campaign is sucessfull there will be a December 2014 release date.

2 thoughts on “Relive your gaming childhood as a retro sprite

  1. […] Retro Asylum recently listed this on their News item pages and I am pretty excited about this Kickstarter project.   You play a young boy who is growing up through generations of gaming consoles and ….. well its just like our real life 80s computing/console days!! Relive it all again in game form! […]

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