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Random Ramblings Episode 1 part 1+2 – Replay Expo

This is a new every other week vlog with what is on my mind and what I’ve been up to.

What’s been happening on the plus loads more.

Todays episode is in 2 parts because the file was to big via my iPhone.

In this video I talk about my weekend at Replay Expo.

I was gonna call this new series Monday musing but I’m calling it Random Ramblings lol

Hope you enjoy the videos

10 thoughts on “Random Ramblings Episode 1 part 1+2 – Replay Expo

  1. AspergerGamer64 says:

    i think i’ll buy one of magazine it look’s really cool read

  2. Andy says:

    you cant go wrong buying it is worth every penny.

    the more we support keith by buying it the more chance we have of getting a 2nd issue.

    What do you reckon of a Retro Asylum Magazine?

    • AspergerGamer64 says:

      its a fantastic idea and i really want to be part of it but am no good at writing a review but i will supported it in any way i can

      • TEOL says:

        Me neither, written reviews was never an Asperger’s strong point for me.

        I can however do the proof reading although there will be the odd few I will probably miss.

        I don’t put commas in whilst talking online but whilst writing or proof reading different story.

        Plus doing that job I’ll get to read the entire book in it’s early stages before it gets skinned and designed which is kinda cool.

        I have no paid work currently as I can’t get a job yet so I’d be happy to do some proof reading of the mag.

      • Andy says:

        No worries mate, you always support us with all you good reviews on the site.

        I think I will look into to the retro asylum magazine in the new yeast properly

    • TEOL says:

      That would be cool. I used read a few retro gaming mags whilst younger just for the game ideas of what to buy, demo disks and the all important tips section.

      If we all work together on this new mega magazine idea would the money from it help keep the site open indefinitely?

      I know it would really help you in your current almost skint situation so being a part of it is doing a good deed as well.

      Getting the idea from current paper magazines which are about £2 – £3 depending on what you get what do you think would make a good cost for RA Mag?

      • Andy says:

        Well truth be told, it would be nice to do a fanzine, I got loads of ideas of what I got planned.

        Cost wise im hoping to not make a loss as I’m gonna push the mag heavily and imwuth everyone’s help we get more attention.

        In the new year all will become clearer.

        Got tshirts,badges, and a bunch of the stuff coming in the new year too

  3. malc1976 says:

    Great idear Andy sorry i havent posted any videos in awile but ive got loads that im going to be doing soon

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