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Random Ramblings – Dizzy week + more parts 1,2,and 3

Todays Random Rambling I discuss Dizzy week, which starts Monday 28th November and ends the Sunday 4th December.

I also take a look at at my old Spectrum + 3 and games which I found at my mums house a few weeks ago.

I briefly discuss the games and talk about how I will review all the games on the videos + in the new year we will see the return of my 8bit wars and other series of videos.

All the plus loads more.

5 thoughts on “Random Ramblings – Dizzy week + more parts 1,2,and 3

  1. TEOL says:

    Smackdown’s dead now. Newest game is just straight WWE 12. It isn’t 100% Here Comes the Pain controls as the O button has been moved to X but other than that you now have 2 grapple pads.

    One is just left stick, grapple button and the other is left stick and grapple to get on the lock then a D-Pad for one of you other sets of moves.

    Yeah it really is a mix of Here Comes The Pain and Smackdown Vs Raw controls also with a little bit of Legends of Wrestling as the grapple is now X which is nearer to move sets of grapple pads so in a way it is better than O which is now the irish whip and strong irish.

  2. TEOL says:

    Nice Speccy collection there. That was a bit of a random comment I made after the Rock ‘n’ Wrestle as you mentions Smacker’s in there. 😛 ^

  3. Chris says:

    Loving the old Speccy tapes mate. I’d totally forgot about Steve Davis’ Snooker. I remember when my +2 half packed up and the only way i could get games to work was by placing a tape under the actual tape holder and applying pressure with my finger on the plastic things that turn the tape. Trouble was, if my finger even slightly wobbled it’d stop working (it really did take Budhist Monk style meditation to pull off). As Steve Davis had a really short load time, it was one of the few games i could get to work for a while. Ah they don’t make computers like that any more.

    Got to disagree with your view on the best 8bit wrestling game though:

  4. Andy says:

    Steve Davis snooker is prob the best snooker game on the 8bit system

    I agree with your choice of wrestling as I love Tecmo wrestling, I guess ock n wrestle is the best 8bit computer wrestling game

  5. TEOL says:

    I’d have to disagree and say this is the best 8-bit wrestling game of all time. You can’t choose your moves on Tecmo.

    This you can and you don’t have to do the crazy button bashing training to get the better moves neither they are already there to choose the moves you want to use in the match.

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