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Rampage: a game where you are the monster and destroy city after city and cause mayhem and carnage.

This has to be one of my all time favourite arcade games ever and the reason being is you actually controlled the monster! Unlike all the other games I had played at the time you always had to fight against the baddies or monsters, but this time you controlled one of the giant monsters!

The 3 playable character you could play as were George, aka Kink Kong; Lizzy, aka Godzilla; Ralph, aka the Wolfman. Now these 30 foot monster weren’t always towering huge beasts but were people that got changed in to monsters and then for some reason they go on a rampage, hence the name of the game!

The arcade game feature some nice looking cartoony graphics and the aim of the game was to go to city to city destroying all the buildings and every time you did that you move onto the next city.

I was always a huge movie monster fan and it was great to play the role of the monsters for once at the time it felt like some thing out of a Godzilla movie or a Kong movie where you are getting attacked by the army and destroying tanks and eating soldiers.

So how did the 8-bit computer versions turn out? Watch the video and find out and please feel free to comment.

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