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Quake 3 in your browser…



Yes people one of the best fps game to ever grace the PC is now available to play in your web browser and it runs like clockwork, so if you want your self a quick fix of instant blasting satisfaction  then i recommend you pop over to It comes in two variety’s, a free version which lets you just jump into the action and blow the hell out of things and a paid pro account which lets you set games up.

PS they have removed all the satanic references that was in the original Quake 3 …. perhaps they are appealing to the kids a bit more lol


2 thoughts on “Quake 3 in your browser…

  1. den.aris says:

    It’s been around for a couple of years, never got around to playing it.

    Can you choose who you play with? Just wondering if we’re able to organise Quake 3 nights and setup teams etc.

  2. ZXSpecstar says:

    Someone needs to have a subscription but i not checked up how much it is might be somethign to look into

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