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Play ZX Spectrum games for free on your iPhone!

If you are looking to play the Speccy on your iPhone and you don’t want to go down the jail breaking route, then check out ! is a great site where you can find on your iPhone using safari then that’s it, you are able to play from thousands of games for free!

The site is easy to navigate and all the games are in alphabetical order so you will easily find the game you are looking for.

Now not all the games work as some of them tend to crash but with so many games for you to play you really can’t go wrong with this superb site.

The site uses tec based on JSSpeccy by Matt Westcott and Fuse by Philip Kendall which is a ZX Spectrum emulator for iOS in Javascript which has been adaptated by Aleksey Martynov.

This is a great site where you can play the ZX Spectrum online on your iPhone and its a perfect way to relive those classics once again.

3 thoughts on “Play ZX Spectrum games for free on your iPhone!

  1. ZXSpecstar says:

    I am glad to see they have finally found a work around Apples failure to allow any form of emulator on a un jailbroken iphone. Now a lot of emulators can be programmed in java and this success should open the gate way to more systems emulated in this fashion and more happy retro game fans.

    And I cant understand Apples mentality about blocking emulators, they are not illegal in shape way or form so why refuse them on the apps store?

  2. Andy says:

    It’s a great way to play at home and I think the tec on the site is based on the jailbroken iPhone app.

    As for why apple don’t allow it emulators, it’s because loads Company’s sell their games via that app store and again it’s about cash/money

    Again it’s about choice, now I can play all these games for free on my iPhone (which i do) but I’m also more than happy to support the developers of these games by buying there games.

    So I don’t think it’s a failure at all on apples part.

  3. Damien says:

    Great stuff, it runs pretty well considering. Not 100% speed on my IPad 2 but I’m sure as devices become more powerful this will be a non-issue. It kinda reminds me of when I first started taking a look at emulators back in the 90s on a 486 DX4 100. I couldn’t quite get stuff to run full speed then, but it didn’t mater, just to see the games running was more than reward enough!

    I agree with Andy, it’s all down to Apple’s business model. People may moan about it, but it is now their main revenue stream and they will seek to protect it. It would also be illegal for them to offer an emulator capable,pf playing commercial games in the way that iSpeccy does. The delvelopers behind the emulator are only a few people and not worth chasing with a law suit, Apple on the other hand is one of the largest companies in the world making them a much tastier target.

    At the end of the day you’re not forced to buy any of these devices and there are alternatives without these restrictions. It’s all down to what you want from a device and for me, the iOS benefits and overall experience using the OS far outweighs the restrictions, but then again I’m old and don’t enjoy spending hours hacking anymore…..

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