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Pixel Soccer Kickstarter

Pixel Soccer is a top down, pixel art, soccer game for PC & Mac (to start with) inspired by games like Sensible Soccer, Goal and Kick Off. For those not familiar with these games (they are almost 20 years old! ), think of a top down, 8-bit FIFA game.

Recently launched as a Kickstarter by developer Super Rock Games, Pixel Soccer is currently in early alpha stage but is showing promise to be a great game.

Check out and support the Kickstarter here and see some of the great pledges.


  • Over 18 of the world’s top leagues (with many more to be added)
  • Playable national teams and competitions
  • Full career mode with promotions, relegations and transfers
  • Animated pixel versions of many of the worlds famous players
  • Accurate pixel team kit designs
  • Team editor to create your own leagues and teams
  • Attribute system for players to differentiate abilities and affect performance

One thought on “Pixel Soccer Kickstarter

  1. den.aris says:

    With such effort put in, it’s a shame the games looks to play pretty awful.

    I was initially pretty keen!

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