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METAGAL – Retro Styled Platformer Aiming for Steam Success


With so many action platformers that have come and gone, I’m starting to wonder if we should name our site to Indie Platformer News, but if that did happen, I think some would probably start to riot! Well anyway, here is another platformer that impressed me enough to write this article, ‘ METAGAL ‘ developed by Retro Revolution, which is currently going through a Steam Greenlight campaign, and needs your thumbs up!¬†

In this Megaman style action platformer, you play as Meta the android girl, who must rescue her creator ‘ Dr.Ray ‘ from the evil dictator General Creeper. But to make matters worse, he has also gone and captured your sisters and turned them into crazed battle androids, to take over the world. A rather nice looking game for fans of this genre and in that retro theme, METAGAL features 8 unique levels, 30 enemy types, bosses, weapons collected from bosses, secret items to power up, and controller and keyboard support!

Visit¬†Indie Retro News for the full story…


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