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Official Shadowgate 25th Anniversary remake soundtrack

ShadowMainThe official Shadowgate remake soundtrack is the latest release from Dallas-based video game composer Rich Douglas. The 71 minute album release which will act as the official soundtrack for the Shadowgate 25th Anniversary remake currently in production by Zojoi.

Throughout the score, there are prominent brass and string segments complimented by subtle woodwind appearances,” said Composer Rich Douglas. “Also featured is an original song, Journey’s End performed by the talented vocalist Jillian Aversa, which will run during the closing credits.”

The original version of Shadowgate was released on the Macintosh platform in 1987 and subsequently was released again on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989. Zojoi obtained the rights to utilise all of the original NES chiptune material within the game’s new score.

“The melodies heard in the NES iteration of Shadowgate, as well as the ominously sad Death piece are all contained within this release in their full orchestral form,” said Douglas. “In many cases, these themes have been re-orchestrated and tastefully woven throughout the entire score so fans can expect to hear some familiar pieces along with a wealth of new material to really help this new release stand on its own as a total gaming experience.”

You can purchase the newly released soundtrack here.

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