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Odd Pod episode 8 – Fantastical


On this ‘Fantastical’ episode I talk about girly toys and cartoons, donkey kong land, mighty max and more. I read out emails from the listeners and lots more.I really hope you enjoy the show, itunes reviews would be great and emails too. hope everyone enjoys the show and please let anyone you think might enjoy it know about it.
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Odd Pod Podcast

12 thoughts on “Odd Pod episode 8 – Fantastical

  1. Andy says:

    great ep mate, really enjoyed the show.
    really enjoyed all the classic 80’s + 90’s cartoon intros.

    keep up the good work and well done on your 7 itunes review

    • buzzbop says:

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the show. Just made an advert for the podcast on my buzz bop and odd pod YouTube channel, hopefully will get me more listeners. Gonna do an odd bit soon.

  2. TEOL says:

    Just plugged you on your own channel you deserve more watches and listens. A lot of those show logos make me think of that current Hulu, Kideo, YouTube & Netflix with all the cartoons to watch.

    Good for you coming out with a cartoon guilty pleasure before I even hit the play button that Polly Pocket logo says it all before I click listen.

    Why not post some more Cartoon Guilty’s in the official thread mate. It’s there on the forum to dish out all the dirt on your cartoon guilitys that you have watched maybe out of age or out of gender or whatever and the rules are there are none you could have watched it once or you could have watched it regularly if it’s a cartoon guilty you can post the youtube intro in there or type about it if you wish to.

    • buzzbop says:

      Think I might end up doing a guilty pleasures bit on one of the future episodes, email some in to the show if you like 🙂

      • TEOL says:

        Since you used to watch Pokemon the originals on Sky 1 no doubt I know two of your cartoon guilty pleasures from the get go already Dan because if you watched that you had to watch Braceface and What About Mimi as part of the block and guess what channel both of them has moved to Pop Girl. 😀

        Pocket Dragon Adventures, Mummies Alive, Problem Child & Mega Babies I also remember being on the Sky 1 blocks but those were normal for anyone to watch so not really guiltys unless they were rubbish rated in that case they do indeed count because crap cartoons you like personally are included but come to think about it Pokemon Jonto would be one as well because I did watch it once although it was boring compared to the original so I stopped watching right away.

  3. jackolantern says:

    not heard it all yet as had to go out, just left after the My Little Pony theme played. I was singing “My Little Pony, Skinny & Boney” all the way to school and back.

  4. pottyboy says:

    Good episode Dan! Nice to see you trying to branch out towards a female audience, but I agree it’s always best to stick with what you know! 🙂

    Great to hear that you received my e-mail. Was wondering whether you got it or not as I recently had issues with sending mail. Great to hear all those Crash Dummies ads! Was surprised to hear Garfield’s voice in one of them! Plus that Denver The Last Dinosaur intro is cool indeed 🙂

    Looking forward to the next episode.

  5. I’m loving the community summer – makes for a really refreshing change to hear someone different on the podcast each episode, you never know what you’re going to get..! Dan as with the other guys has been a top guest.

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