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Odd Pod Episode 6 – Heroes or Ninjas?

Episode 6 of Odd Pod is here! Games, toys, cartoons and random words of ‘wisdom’ from Dan aka Buzzbop. On this episode Dan talks about the brilliant playstation 1 games Monsters Rancher, the equally great Pikmin and which turtles song is better? Lots of great stuff in the episode, really hope you enjoy it. please leave an itunes review if you can and check out the Odd Pod youtube channel at

Also in the show the new game 8-bit Hit and vote for the new or original intro song and vote for what game i should complete on my youtube channel. enjoy! If you want to email in to the show send emails to



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13 thoughts on “Odd Pod Episode 6 – Heroes or Ninjas?

  1. Andy says:

    Gonna check this out as I do more painting:)

  2. buzzbop says:

    hope you like it 🙂

  3. Andy says:

    Loved this Ep mate.

    Will send you a email tomorrow for the show:)

    Had me in stitched when you read out the email about Looking like someone’s sister
    Keep up the good work

    • buzzbop says:

      Thanks andy 🙂 glad you enjoyed it, trying to pack more into my shows. Look forward to the email. Oh, I sent you a few inbox messages on twitter, don’t know if you got them or not.

  4. Good episode. Only the 8-bit music quiz was waaay too easy I’m not sure how you’ll be able to make it more challenging.

    I am never sure whether to call the PS2 retro. I mean in 2002 we would have called the SNES retro right? Having said that, there are literally still games being released for it now. Technically that can’t disqualify a system from being retro, the Atari 2600 gets the occasional new title to this day.

  5. TEOL says:

    There is actually a 2nd version of the Ninja Turtles theme with the Hero Turtles background music but that is I think a CD only release and it’s the full 90 seconds song with instrumental for 30 of them rather than 60 seconds.

    There is still no harmony like Hero Turtles like the Women singing along in the first line and another line but the beat of Hero Turtles is in that version. lol.

  6. TEOL says:

    It’s unused in an intro so doesn’t count only the one with the lighter background music counts as the real used Ninja Turtles theme song so you did compare the right one.

  7. TEOL says:

    I submitted too many questions and answers to the poddy today. You are probably going to have your own 1HMPS next episode. lol.

  8. glenn says:

    Good show mate Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors was also Sunday morning cartoon on channel 4 in late 80s or early 90s I remember waking up early at 6am just to watch it and i also lover waching sharky and George that also on Sunday on channel 4

    I remember animaniacs and batman on whats up doc on Saturday mornings on ITV

    that was before I got sky in 1994 and discoverer nickelodeon

  9. scopie says:

    You need to check out the original Batman Animated series – it’s fantastic. For some reason there are few episodes where the animation quality goes through the roof such as the 2 part clay face episode and and the Mr freeze one. oh and Adam West lends his voice on the “Grey Ghost” episode.

  10. scopie says:

    I know this sounds sad but did anyone out there enjoy the Gummy Bears growing up? Ha ha.

  11. scopie says:

    Yeah, loved the adventure and mystery. They never did find the great gummies did they?

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