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Odd Pod episode 5 – Mysterious cities of what??

Toys! Games! Cartoons! and me rambling on, all here in episode 5 of Odd Pod. crazy monster machine, thundercats, POGS and more.Hope you all enjoy this episode of Odd Pod. if you would like to email in to the show please send in your retro games/toys/cartoons/nostalgic stories please send them to

Please check out more episodes of odd pod on and on itunes, i would really appreciate itune reviews. thanks.



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9 thoughts on “Odd Pod episode 5 – Mysterious cities of what??

  1. Anyway Dan these podcasts get better every episode – such a lot of memories brought back with this; I forgot all about the Centurians and WOW when I heard the Cities of Gold music it all cam flooding back…

  2. Andy says:

    Good work Dan, totally agree with dirk on this but these shows keep on getting better n better!!!

    About spiderman and his amazing friends the female was Firestar who was supposed to be a former x-men, I could be wrong, but I believe she was created for this cartoon but then actually appeared in the comics later on.

    Dungeons and dragons Requiem the last episode of the DD cartoon which was never released and for a while only the script existed
    But you can find a good couple of vids on YouTube
    Here’s a link to a reading of the script

    There is also a small animated vid of the final Ep that fans made but it’s only a few mins

  3. buzzbop says:

    Firestar that’s the one, oh I found out yesterday that they have remade the mysterious cities of gold, don’t know when it’s coming out though. Thanks for listening to the show guys, really appreciate it, hope you can email in to the show sometime 🙂

  4. scopie says:

    Lost city of gold rocked! I would watch this every Friday afternoon after school when I was 13. (yes 13 really!)
    That music sounds like the NES Ninja turtle arcade game??!!??

  5. buzzbop says:

    If you think you know the answer to guess that tune email in at
    I’m gonna watch some cities of gold, it’s been remade aswell.

  6. retroshaman says:

    Great show again mate. Loved hearing MCOG intro song. You really do need to watch the, really are a classic cartoion not to missed.

  7. TEOL says:

    Sounds good. I do like to listen to podcasts now and again and I think you may be the newest one on my list to attempt to listen more to.

    It sounded a bit too scripted this week because of the message in the intro giving it away that you are reading off of a script so maybe not the best one for me to start with but it was good.

    Real Titles:

    ?????????, Les Mystérieuses Cités d’or

    It was a Japanese & French Co Production.

    • buzzbop says:

      Odd pod isn’t scripted, the bit at the beginning was me going through my notes not a scripts, I just have notes jotted down to remind me to mention a few things on the show like give shout outs or mention a certain game or toy but no script at all, the beginning was just a joke to show that I hadn’t written anything down for this episode, so don’t worry there’s no script and never will be.

  8. TEOL says:

    The Les Mystérieuses Cités d’or theme song was better I don’t like the voices of the kids in our version.

    And of course you’ve seen it as it was still repeated during the Turtles days on the same channel. I was born the same year and remember that one well. 😆

    After seeing the French intro our one is really a really annoying theme tune because of the screaming kids. Love the French version more and that was one of the 2 originals too.

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