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Odd Pod Episode 4 – Who ya gonna call?

Hey, everyone! Buzzbop here presenting the latest episode of Odd Pod, Episode 4 – who ya gonna call?

This episode I talk about my new collection room, favourite toys, console commercials and more. I read out thousands of emails (well…2) and introduce a new segment ‘did you know?’

Guess that tune is back again too, I hope you enjoy this latest episode and please email the show at

If you havent listened to the show please check it out here



Odd Pod Podcast



2 thoughts on “Odd Pod Episode 4 – Who ya gonna call?

  1. Andy says:

    Loved this show mate, Oddpodshow is fast becoming one of my fave podcasts.

    You have really stuck gold with show mate.

    The editing is fantastic and the audio is superb but most of all I’m really impressed how well you carry the show yourself, as I would really struggle doing it.

    Great show mate and also welcome to the site team:)

  2. buzzbop says:

    thank you 🙂 well im used to working on my own, i do all my youtube channels on my own. really glad you like it, hope to get more listeners eventually, im really looking forward to doing episode 5 now.

    thanks for adding me to the team 🙂

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