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Odd Pod episode 11 – Very first guest

On this episode I have my very first guest stephen Legerton.One of my best friends and a great guest, this is a long episode and we talk about a lot of great things. enjoy.

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5 thoughts on “Odd Pod episode 11 – Very first guest

  1. scopie says:

    Excellent podcast and thanks for reading out my letter. Must have made a typo about Samurai Jack getting turned into a chicken by a witch.

  2. mrwriter says:

    I like the fact you made the pic look like I’m looking up at you! Haha listening to it now I’m loving it!

  3. TEOL says:

    The day I return a new Odd Pod acomemunth, awesome.

  4. TEOL says:

    Good episode. Recess was not naughties but late nineties that was still being made in the early naughties so could count as a part naughties but it’s more nineties kinda thing.

  5. mrwriter says:

    Oh yeah we know but it was still Disney and based around kids and was really good.

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