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Odd Bit – Halloween preperation

Getting ready for the big halloween special, pleae send in anything halloween and nostalgic, even tell me what you used to do on halloween.
send in halloween stories, games, cartoons, food, toys, memories and anything else.


2 thoughts on “Odd Bit – Halloween preperation

  1. TEOL says:

    I’ve sent you some preps for the Halloween cartoon themes area. Picked a few classic tunes that some people may have never even thought of including the more sinister laughing and SFX version of the Beetlejuice intro and Doctor Zitbag’s which I always swap the Zit for the s word when I’m singing it as I can’t help it. 😀

  2. buzzbop says:

    Thanks for the emails up to now people, still not too late to send in Halloween memories, ghost stories, creepy toys, scary games and more. I will be recording late tonight so keep send in emails 🙂

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