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Odd Bit – Dreamcast

This is an Odd Bit, a mini episode that will become an every so often thing inbetween full episodes of Odd Pod. This Odd Bit is on the brilliant Sega Dreamcast.An excellent console and way ahead of its time, I hope you enjoy this Odd Bit as i’m hoping to keep doing them before main episodes. Check this Odd Bit out in the links below and if you could be so kind to leave a review on my itunes page id really appreciate it.




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One thought on “Odd Bit – Dreamcast

  1. Andy says:

    Love this show mate, the dreamcast is one of my fave consoles ever.

    It was such a great console, with some truly remarkable games.

    Some of my fave games

    Soul caliber
    Capcom vs snk
    Soul reaver (a update of the ps1 game)

    Plus this console was inivitive
    Online gaming
    The little vmu

    Great machine
    Great show !!

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