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Not quite retro but Malc vs ZXSS on Super Street Fighter 4

Malc and Andy went for a first to 10 marathon on Street Fighter 3 on xbox live with Malc coming out the winner in a very close call competition

Now its my turn to try and bring a victory so we settled it in a best of three games on Super Street Fighter 4

Round 1

ZXSS – Rose / Malc –¬† Ken

This was a good opening match with both of us exchanging blows Malc taking the first round and me the second, the thrid round was close with no one getting a good lead and ran close with me taking the round after malc missed the dragon punch

Round 2

Both chose Akuma

No way around this one I got hammered as Malc scored a 2-0 win over me on this one … Im not afraid to say my skills as Akuma¬† need more practice

Final Round

Malc – Akuma / ZXSS – Rose

Now I had the sense to go back to my stronger character for the final round. I may have won this one 2-0 but it was a close fight like the first one which left to a satisfying result

Malc and me will be locking horns again soon stay tuned for the rematch

7 thoughts on “Not quite retro but Malc vs ZXSS on Super Street Fighter 4

  1. TEOL says:

    How did you film this in so good of a quality?

    A series that started in 1988 or something like that not retro?

  2. TEOL says:

    Still it makes any Street Fighter retro unless it’s a spinoff not part of the numbers series made after 2000.

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