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NiGHTS into Dreams HD remake


NiGHTS into Dreams the popular Sega Saturn game is to get a HD makeover, released in 1996 this games story follows two children entering a dream world, where they are aided by the main character, Nights. The game was developed by Sonic Team, The HD remake will have enchanced graphics and all the original levels but also include the original saturn version. The game is planned to be released in autumn 2012. The HD remake will be coming to PSN, Xbox live arcade and PC digital download.  Heres a video for the people who don’t remember this game.


2 thoughts on “NiGHTS into Dreams HD remake

  1. Andy says:

    Cheers for posting this mate.

    This is one game that I’m gonna have to get since it looks amazing and hopefully it will play like the original but with some HD gorgeous graphics

    Didn’t this game have a sequel on the wii?

  2. buzzbop says:

    i think its sequel was on the ps2 and a new game was on wii but im not 100% sure

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