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New tracks for Super Mario Kart!!

The best Super Mario Kart  game is back, with all new tracks created by a amazing hacker.

The original and still the best Super Mario Kart game was released in 1992 and really took Nintendo’s mascot characters in whole new direction and also kick start the whole Karts series which to this day is still going strong.

The Kart series has appeared on all the later Nintendo machines such as, The N64,Gameboy Advance,Gamecube,Wii,Ds and the 3DS but to most fan of the series non have truly captured the  feeling and the controls of the classic Snes version.

That is until now, fast forward to 2012 where a hacker and fan” Elricorico”  of the game has created a whole bunch of new levels for Super Mario Kart by releasing a ROM patch containing all new tracks based on the superb 16bit Nintendo version.

To play this version you will need the original ROM and patch, here is the website where you can download this version and find out more info Link

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