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Microdot Reimagined by Colin Jones


Colin Jones; the man behind legendary 8-bit games ‘Rock Star Ate my Hamster’ and ‘Slightly Magic’ has announced the release of ‘Microdot Reimagined’. The text-only computer game uses Colin’s unique writing style to drill into the player’s mind and hack their imaginations.

Colin says: ‘Microdot is an extremely small entity, so small that the laws of Classical Physics only randomly hold true, particularly on a Friday. In Microdot Quantum Physics tends to be the Norm, or Janet if you prefer. As you know, Quantum Physics has all sorts of strange effects; matter can be in two places at once, soap operas can be entertaining, etc etc. Weird stuff.

Which means that interior design is a nightmare. If matter can zip itself up and reappear in the fridge then how can someone’s furniture ever match their curtains? Whole swathes, bunches even, of Lifestyle Empathy Designers would cease to be able to bring joy and mental instability to the lives of millions. Hence Quantum Furniture, which tracks the internal waveform of the curtains, or wallpaper, and makes sure that the three-piece suite never clashes (within a well-defined tolerance margin) with the decor.

It’s tomorrow’s technology today – I don’t even know which formats the game will run on – Windows, Mac and Chromebook almost certainly – Linux, Ubuntu users; come and see, let me know. Console users can badger their favourite multinational for details.

At a time when companies are racing to ring-fence their machines into Shops of Curated Mediocrity – where one day they’ll be able to literally close down their entire entertainment catalogue with a the flick of a switch – I’m trying to make this available to as many people as possible. Why wouldn’t I?’

Microdot Reimagined will be available for download or physical purchase from

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