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Metroid fan film looking for funding


‘Metroid: Enemies within’ launched on Kickstarter on Friday and aims to fund a 10-minute film based on science-fiction action-adventure video game series Metroid. They are looking to raise $90,000 but are apparently yet to get any agreement from Nintendo!

The vision for this adaptation comes from writer/director Christian Cardona, a VESand Emmy nominated visual effects supervisor who happens to be a big Metroid fan. Dark and stylish, Cardona’s imagining of a segment of the universe features action, suspense, and iconic imagery inspired by the games.

Despite Metroid’s massive popularity and status as being one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises ever with over 17.44 million games sold, a feature film version has never materialised but Candona believes Metroid deserves to be given the Hollywood treatment.

With the enormous talent and resources of the assembled creatives, they are confident that they can deliver an exciting production on par with today’s top commercial films.

See below the promotional video and some initial storyboards.



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