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Manic Miner is back and this time he is coming to the Xbox 360!!!

Who would have thought in 1983 that Manic Miner who was written by Matthew Smith in his bedroom would still be around in 2012?!

Maniac Miner is one of the ZX Spectrum’s most iconic characters even and really encouraged other bedroom programmers to do the same thing in the 1980′, Miner Willy had already appeared on the IOS platform as part of the Elite App as well as loads of other classic games getting published by Elite on the Iphone.

But the most amazing news is that hopefully we will be seeing even more of Willy(pun intended) on Microsofts Xbox 360!

Elite Systems have submitted Manic Miner to the XBOX Live Indy Games….titled ‘MANIC MINER 360’
what the means is for a few Microsoft space bucks you could have the classic game playing on your TV on the Xbox

The game apperently is near 100% original ZX Spectrum game,

“Commenting upon the submission Elite® MD, Steve Wilcox noted, “The submission of MANIC MINER 360 to Xbox Live Indy Games is the next exciting step in bringing classic ZX Spectrum games to a new audience, via new devices and platforms and in the process restoring some order to the market. We began doing this some 18 months ago with our ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection Apps for iOS devices and in the intervening period there have been more than 100,000 paid instances. Assuming the “Peer Review” process is completed successfully, we’d hope to see MANIC MINER 360 available from Xbox Live Indy Games later this month and if that goes well, for it to be followed by more classic ZX Spectrum Games.”

MANIC MINER 360 features:
– full-screen and bordered portrait play / display modes
– pixel filtering on / off option
– ‘auto-save’, on exiting the game
– authentic ‘Spectrum’ sound
– infinite lives option

Now the great news is we are getting Manic Miner on the on the XBOX 360, maybe we might see some more classics get republished too, since Elite Systems have a huge library or retro games such as

* Chuckie Egg
* Ikari Warriors
* Buggy Boy
* R-Type

And many more classic games that would be well suited to the console as opposed to the touch screen controls of the iPhone where the games are emulated to perfection minus the controls.

Here’s hoping that Manic Miner will be a success and he will lead the way for the retro revolution that is to come.

4 thoughts on “Manic Miner is back and this time he is coming to the Xbox 360!!!

  1. malc1976 says:

    Very cool i would buy Maniac Miner on the Xbox 360 🙂
    Elite Systems were a great company back in the days of the 8bit and 16bit computers i really hope hey do more of there classics.

  2. TEOL says:

    It doesn’t belong on an HD console though. To me this game is made for early and current home PCs only.

  3. den.aris says:

    Elite are really milking the cash cow!

  4. Primal Scientist says:

    This is ace. I managed to complete Jet Set Willy on my iPhone (obviously with the cheat mode on).
    but seriously, this could open the door for Spectrum and Commodore games on these consoles.
    Bring it on!!

    The revolution is just beginning!!

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