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Make you own Mega Drive music


If you have ever dreamed of composing a Sega Mega Drive tune, this is for you.

Synthesiser creator Aly James has just released everything you’d ever need to create your own Mega Drive music – the FMDrive YM2612.

To create soundtracks on the Sega Mega Drive originally, composers would need to translate their melodies into readable code the Mega Drive could understand. FMDrive YM2612 simplifies this whole process by not using a single line of code.

FMDrive YM2612 comes pre-packed with over 33,000 different sounds, alongside various plug-ins and extensions to hook into your more familiar music packages. Out now on Windows.


One thought on “Make you own Mega Drive music

  1. deadlygroove says:

    This is right up my alley. I may have to get this, park it into Ableton Live or Cubase and write some Genesis tracks. I used to write FM tracks inside of Reason 5, Record and Reason 6 and still do actually but I would like to give this VSTi a shot. They have some cool shit on their site too so that’s good. Combine this VSTi with db Glitch and you have some sick techno tracks Genesis style. Thanks for sharing guys. 🙂

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