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Loaded – Guns Gutz and Kick ass Music


Six psychos, Too much ammo and a kill streak that makes a Call of Duty kill streak look like a streak of yellow liquid, Death came in the the thousands in this futuristic shoot em up, Kick ass musicĀ  makes Loaded a classic in my eyes but how do you see it….

2 thoughts on “Loaded – Guns Gutz and Kick ass Music

  1. Andy says:

    Gonna watch this today, while I’m cooking dinner:)

    Looking forward to checking this vid out

  2. Andy says:

    Hey there dude just watched this, I was really supprised to see how well this game has aged, it looks awesome.

    I never owned this but in sure I had a demo of it, all in all this game still looks as bad arse as ever:)

    This needs to come ours on Xbox arcade as I would get buy it ASAP!

    Cheers for uploading:)

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