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Life of Pixel – The Ultimate Retro Adventure

Hello Retro Gaming fans, Uniforix here with a quick look at Life of Pixel…


Our very own Andy Godoy of Retro Asylum asked me to take a look at a nice little game called The Life of Pixel today, it’s not strictly retro as its a new game, but its retro style and that’s good enough for me…. and what can I say?!? That’s my evening sorted!

Life of Pixel puts you in control of a single pixel on a journey to discover all the favourite old systems of the 80’s, with the style of the game mimicking each of the 80’s home computer systems as you journey through the levels.

How would I describe the game-play? Well, think Manic Miner/Jet Set Willy style platformer and you’ve pretty much got it, at least from what I have seen and played so far, and who could complain about that?!

The game starts with you being able to play as Pixel in ZX81 mode, starting with graphics so simple, black and white, true to the ZX81, but with a fantastic chip tune accompaniment in the background.

Controls are simple, left, right and jump, with the option to double jump to those hard to reach places.

Classic 80s at its best, this is exactly my type of game and flooded me with nostalgia, taking me right back to my days of being 9 years old, playing Manic Miner and shouting “Oh you complete b**tard!!” at the screen when a slightly misjudged jump meant falling to death and meeting my doom (Sorry dad, didn’t realise you were sat next door in the bathroom when I shouted that… oops!)

I’ve not been far into the game just yet, you can work your way through the levels and unlock more machines as you go, I’ve just unlocked the ZX Spectrum and revelled in delight that the colour clash is included and everything feels really authentic in its style.

With many more machines to unlock, including – Atari 2600, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, BBC Model B, Apple II, Nintendo GameBoy, NES & Master System – I’m looking forward to playing more, so watch out for a more thorough video review soon!

If you’re an 80s home computer addict, this game is for you! If you’re not, try it anyway, you may be pleasantly surprised at how addictive it is!

And that just leaves me to go practice my Pixel perfect jumping without trying to swear the screen to pieces…

What are you waiting for? You can find Life of Pixel by Super Icon at

I’ll be posting a more in depth video/review soon.



One thought on “Life of Pixel – The Ultimate Retro Adventure

  1. pressplayontape says:

    Getting this on payday! 🙂

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