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LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformers


Created specifically for the Toy Brick Contest in the summer of 2013, these amazing LEGO Transformer models by Baron von Brunk are made in near-perfect size and proportions to a authentic N64 console and components. They can transform completely to robot and back without detaching or removing parts.

Creator Baron says ‘Building Ultra Hexacon’s head was a challenge, and one particular idea was to have his head remove and transform into a Rumble Pak, like a Transformers Headmaster toy — or even adding a slot for the N64 Expansion Pak that would either double as a head or a weapon! Hexacon’s transformation cycle was based off an Autobot cassette named Eject — a favorite toy of mine as a kid, and his physical appearance was intended originally to be a blend between Ultra Magnus and Metroplex — but ended up looking more like a hybrid of Fortress Maximus or Generation 2 “tank” Megatron. His base color is dark grey like the N64 console, and his secondary color scheme represents the colors of the N64 logo, sans gold. Ultra Hexacon’s power supply pack transforms into a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher, with Tetragon’s memory card doubling as an ammo magazine for Hexacon’s shoulder weapon! The games and controller took the longest to make. In fact, Mecha Kong was almost scrapped entirely, as the method of making his arms bigger than this legs to create the ape-like appearance took quite a long time to figure out. Tetragon (the controller) was originally intended to be an anthropomorphic robot and not an animal, but after days of trying to make a transformation cycle with failed results, I opted to make him turn into a scorpion — which personally looks a lot more badass yet quirky — almost like Beast Wars!’


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