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Legend for Super Nintendo
  • Publisher: Seika Corporation, Sony Imagesoft
  • Developer: Arcade Zone
  • Year of release: 1994

“Retro Asylum Remembers” returns as Glenn looks back to Legend on the Super Nintendo That was released in 1994.

4 thoughts on “Legend for Super Nintendo

  1. Really enjoyed this review Glenn, it’s a game I never played and reminds me of the Capcom arcade games King of Dragons and Knights of the Round.

  2. mogz79 says:

    I bought this game a few weeks ago, £6 cart only, only had a quick go on it but seems ok, like games like this:)

    • glenn says:

      i recommend to play the game to the end it one of the few super Nintendo game that i completed lol

      if you got 2 pads its very good 2 player games too

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