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Kung Fu Kid -Sega Master System

The most fun Kung Fu game on the Sega master system!

I remember when I first played this game it game on my 8bit Sega, now like most box art on the SMS games, it wasn’t very good but it did have the word “Kung Fu” in it and that was enough for me to be drawn to this game.

So I finally got home from Toys R us with this game in hand and slotted into the cartridge slot and was wow by this game from the get go. From the opening screen it captured my imagination with title screen that was covered in fire with words “Kung Fu Kid” in the middle of it all.

After pressing the button on my control pad i finally started by adventure which saw me playing the role of a master of Kung fu call “Wang” Wangs mission was to go through level by level beating the crap out of loads of baddies until you faced the big bad boss at the end of the game which was Mandanda who had awaken from a couple of thousand years sleep.

Now this game had simple but really nice cartoon style graphics and all the sprites had character and looked good.

The game play was nice and simple you scrolled from left to right and had use your moves to dispose of the baddie until you got to the end of the level where you had to fight a end of level boss, now these bosses were fun to fight, they each had a weakness and it was fun trying to find out how beat em.

The music was nice and fitted in nicely with game over all. One of the reason why this game worked was because it was simple, not to many moves to do but that was the beauty of it, you could kick,punch or do a flying kick.

The other reason this game worked was because it was easy, every time you played this game you got that little bit further, even though its not a long game and you can with practice go through it in about a hour, its still worth checking out as its loads of fun.

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