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Knights & Demons for ZX Spectrum released


When the original “Knights & Demons” saw the light a few months ago, Kabuto Factory were challenged to make a version of it using his graphic engine BiFrost*, an amazing engine that makes the Spectrum able to display multicolored sprites avoiding the infamous “colour clash”.

This new version includes the following features:

  • New amazing code written by Einar Saukas, using his BiFrost* and Rotatrix engines.
  • 4-framed animated multicolored sprites.
  • Completely new pics for intro, endings and game backgrounds.
  • 4 new tunes, including in-game music.
  • “Challenges”: complete the “challenges” to obtain bonus and extra help.
  • New loading screen thanks to Craig Stevenson (Redballoon)

You can download it for free from the World Of Spectrum website.

Also, you can get a time-limited physical version of the game, boxed in plastic case and with ilustrated instructions, for 7€ (plus shipping cost). Write to for more info.

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