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KikStart 2

One of the most fun 2 player games on the 8-bit computers! Kick Start was a great game! You got the chance to race against a friend on motor bike on a amazing track, you had to jump over barrels avoid fire. This game had it all.

Now all 3 8-bit versions are different but the premise of the game is the same, race against a friend or a AI opponent. All the tracks were beautifully crafted and you could pick 4 tracks from A-Z, but the icing on the cake was it had a track editor which was amazing, you could use a huge amount of different objects making it as easy or difficult as possible, but the most important thing was that, with track editor, you could have endless fun.

To find out the winner of today’s 8-bit wars, please watch the video and please feel free to comment.

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