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Keystone Kapers – Atari 2600

keystone_kapers_hes_Today’s nostalgic trip down memory lane is the amazing game “Keystone Kapers”
This amazing game was published by Activision in 1983 and designed by Garry Kitchen.

The in game story, was about a cop named Kelly who tried to catch the runaway robber Harry.

The game was based in shopping mall, where you had to chase Harry up some lifts, down some escalators while avoiding some bouncing balls ,toy airplanes and loads of other items that could injure an officer of the law.

considering that the game came out in 1983, the graphics hold up really well, the animation is amazing.
The sound FX are pretty nice an really add to the fast paced game play which still plays as well as it did back then.

If you have played this game back in the day, i highly recommend that you play it again.

The only minor niggle is that its one player only, if it was two players this would have really taken this game to another level of play-ability.

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