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Karateka Classic out on iOS and Android


Karateka Classic is an emulated version of the classic 8-bit karate game, Karateka. It has been perfectly ported over by Price of Persia creator, Jordan Mechner to iOS and Android mobile devices.

Following on from the recent modern remake of Karateka, by popular demand Jordan Mechner has released this version of the 1984 original!

Check out the gameplay video below.

Mechner says on his website “Karateka was my first published game. I created it on an Apple II while attending Yale in the early 1980s, and submitted it on a floppy disk to Brøderbund. Set in feudal Japan, the story couldn’t have been simpler. An evil warlord had kidnapped your girlfriend and you had to fight his karate-trained minions to rescue her from his fortress. What made Karateka different was that it felt like a movie, with more fluid and lifelike character animation than any game before.

I wanted to bring the silent-film techniques I was learning about in my history-of-cinema classes — rotoscoping, cross-cutting, tracking shots — to the Apple II. My goal was to create a game that was visually sophisticated, yet so easy to play that even a non-gamer could immediately grasp the story, pick up the joystick and and become addicted.”



One thought on “Karateka Classic out on iOS and Android

  1. TEOL says:

    Android is definitely become the best pad for gaming or is already there already.

    I wish Apple can merge the coding of the open source Android OS and their own non open source OS to make the ultimate portable gaming pad OS that can run both Android and Apple apps on the superior apple hardware.

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