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Jungle Hunt – Atari 2600

jungleIt’s time to swing back to the good old days when games were all about game play and play-ability.
Jungle Hunt is an arcade conversion of the game of the same name.

The arcade game was released by Taito in 1982 and the got ported over to the 2600 some time later.

Apparently the game looked more Tarzan like but this was later changed, which probably explains the name changes from Jungle Boy to Jungle King then to finally Jungle Hunt.

The game itself is split in few stages where each differ greatly, the first level see’s you swinging through the vines in the jungle,level two saw our hero swimming in a crocodile infest river, the third level you had to jump over boulders, while the last level(correct me if i’m wrong but I’ve never got passed this section in over 30 years)is the cannibal level.

The game is varied enough to fun and still holds up pretty well to this day.
check it out if you haven’t already

One thought on “Jungle Hunt – Atari 2600

  1. TEOL says:

    This also made it to the 5200 so it’s possible to make an Atari 8-Bit Wars. 😀

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