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Italian Super Car – ZX Spectrum

Italian Super Car was a follow up to Super Stunt Man on the ZX Spectrum, which was game that was published by the king of budget games “Codemasters”

The aim of the game was nice and simple, you play the role of a stunt man on a movie set who has to film a scene for a movie, you have 3 takes to try and get to the finish line.

Every time your car crashes into fire or gets hit by bullets you get points, and then you have to do another take, if you do more than 3 takes its game over.

Italian Super Car is a nice simple game that plays exactly the same as its prequel, the game play is fun and challenging and you will soon find yourself struggling to remember where the next turn is or the next obstacle to avoid.

Overall this may not be the greatest game on the Speccy but its still a good game that you will get a good few hours from.

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2 thoughts on “Italian Super Car – ZX Spectrum

  1. TEOL says:

    This is a new one I think. Never seen this classic before if it is one. And also was downloading music from ITunes and seen this on there as new episode. lol.

  2. Andy says:

    yeah this is a new episode/video, I had about 10mins to spare the other day so i made this video.
    more vids next week

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