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International Karate Deluxe (IK++)


An enhanced remake of IK+ made with Mugen by Italian Milo Baldi is now available for download.

Titled IK++, this deluxe version has lots of new features compared to the classic original including a remastered soundtrack by Toni Caven, updated graphics and controls. Based on the Amiga version of the game it has been in development from March of 2010 to August of 2013. Three of the four levels have been redesigned with little extra graphic touches, gaming character cameos (PacMan, the chef of Burger Time, Arthur from Ghost’n’Goblins) and a sprinkling of humour such as the collection of hats that the teacher shows off on the beach in Rio.

Download here
Download manual and movelist


2 thoughts on “International Karate Deluxe (IK++)

  1. scopie says:

    This looks pretty darn fine. I wonder if its an amiga adf file or for pc, will have to take a look.

  2. mrsid says:

    It’s for PC mate. I agree, looks pretty cool!

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