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Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask


It may just look like an old NES cartridge but actually it’s a whiskey hip flask!

The Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask has been designed and created by Portland, Oregon based video game enthusiast Matt Cornell. This concealable flask has been designed to look like your favourite retro Nintendo game cartridges. As if that wasn’t enough, each of the flasks has been stamped with an alcohol themed parody title like The Legend of Drink, Castle Vodka, Super Bar-Hop Bros and Drunk Hunt. Each flask is made from a food grade plastic that is completely safe to drink from, and Cornell is looking to bring this product to market by next Spring with some help through Kickstarter.

Support the Kickstarter here

One thought on “Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask

  1. mrsid says:

    A really fun for a novelty gift idea. I just can’t see Nintendo allowing this and will surely wield their axe soon…

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