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How to be a complete b@stard – ZX Spectrum

I’ve played loads of games on the Speccy but this game is one of the one of the games I had the most fun out of them with!

How to be a complete bastard was a game that was published by Virgin games in 1987, the game was programmed by Sentient software. You play the sprite verison of Adrien Edmonson, who has been invited(or perhaps gate crashed)to a house party.

This is where the fun begins in this huge house, this game is very sandbox in the way it works, you have to explore the house and interact with loads of things in the house, such as coats,tv’s,people,toilets and many more.

The best way to describe this game would be to say is the character you play has to be a “Complete B@stard at this party by doing loads of dasterly deeds or child like pranks and slowly fill up your B@stard meter!

The screen is split screen which is hard to get to grips with at 1st but then you notice how simple it is and it comes in hand by having a 2nd screen so you can see the rooms from different angles letting you see or interact with different things.

This game was so ahead of it time with so many touches that made it stand out back then, but its seeing them once again made me think how special this game truly is/was. You can spend hours finding loads of different things in the house that will make you giggle and have fun with, never has stabbing a pen in someones back has been so much fun(not in real life in a game lol)

This is a great game which i think every gamer should play.

Please check out the video and please feel free to comment.

4 thoughts on “How to be a complete b@stard – ZX Spectrum

  1. yolkfolkcom says:

    I had this game. Was a weird one. I remember blowing up by passing wind. 🙂

  2. slenkar says:

    Great programming and graphics!
    I had some fun with this game but I was too young and dumb to figure out what to do

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