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Hive Jump – A Retro Style Indie Game by Graphite Lab

Hive Jump looks like a promising multi-player Co-op “retro-style” Indie game, here are some details and footage taken from their Kickstarter page.

“STARSHIP TROOPERS & CONTRA had a baby and we call it HIVE JUMP, a multi-player sci-fi action shooter for your PC & MAC!”

“Inspired by games like METROID, movies like STARSHIP TROOPERS, and literature like ENDER’S GAME, HIVE JUMP is a multiplayer co-op sci-fi shooter that gives players the experience of jumping into a gloriously rendered alien hive, fighting their way to the bottom, and nuking the hive queen for the good of mankind!”

More information can be found at the Hive Jump Kickstarter page.



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